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André Larnyoh

Writer & Theater artist

As we walked through Bloomsbury, Alex and I quickly remembered that we weren’t able to show off our favorite cafes and other haunts. We came here as there is variety to this relatively small part of London. Turn one corner and you’re by the modernist masterpiece that is the Brunswick Centre and it’s chalky rows of social housing. Turn another and you’re down leafy Lambs Conduit St, which on a normal day is like a little neighborhood on its own. Following that we stumbled into St George’s Gardens, a former 18th Century cemetery that is now a peaceful yet foreboding park.

With confinement slowly coming to an end in London, it left me thinking what to say with this particular edition of Worn By. The pandemic is still very much a thing and racial tensions are at an all time high (again, but this should come as no surprise). To be honest, it’s enough to make you want to go back inside. So with all that, to even be thinking about clothes for a summer that will be like none other is indeed a luxury. How can we do that?

Well I have something of an answer. It’s far from perfect, but it’s the best I could think of on short notice. It’s because we want familiarity. When looking at a summer collection, the idea is to transport you to another place. Somewhere bright and warm. Before you’ve even finished packing your bag, you know that it’s going to be a good trip. The garments, in turn, need to not only be light in material, but relaxed and colourful so as to put you at ease.

Clothes can be a form of escapism. Therefore we chose to focus on how they can make us feel normal at a time that is anything but. Which is a comfort in itself. Wearing a bright yellow overshirt should not distract you from what’s going on. However, it’s still Summer.

Written by André Larnyoh

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