We respect the value of the work of our spinners, weavers, and makers and we will not heavily promote our collection at this time and moment.

Instead, on Friday November 26th, we will be launching a new section of our shop, a vintage menswear selection curated by our dear friend Simon, whose Paris shop is located boulevard Arago in the 13th arrondissement. Simon is an admirable character, and no wonder he says his shop attracts "characters". We hope to bring you the work of small independent shops in Paris, made by passionate people.

Of course, our choice of date is not innocent as today is the day as many stores choose to go with Black Friday promotions.
It goes without saying we not only support local businesses, but also second hand and reusing/recycling clothes and we want this to be part of De Bonne Facture too.

Enjoy ! Please send us your feedback at