De Bonne Facture - Fiber arts

Corneille (Photo Henny Riemens/Maria Austria Institute - Amsterdam)


Our twentieth edition is inspired by a studio portrait of the painter Corneille, one of the founders in the early 1950s of the artistic movement “Cobra”, which, by questioning western pictural norms, rediscovered its own traditions of European & Nordic popular cultures.

De Bonne Facture - Charlotte_Perriand_Janvier_1991 - UNION DES ARTISTES MODERNES

Guillaume Corneille in his atelier (Photo Várkonyi Studio - Budapest 1947)

Our ample fits revisit the wardrobe of the time with a contemporary touch, with subtle and luminous colors like plum, straw, and Prussian blue, echoing the color strokes of the young English painter Anthony Banks. 

De Bonne Facture - Le_Corbusier_dans_l_atelier_de_la_rue_de_Sevres_Mars_1950 - UNION DES ARTISTES MODERNES

Painting of Anthony Banks. Credit: Cédric Bardawil

This palette also is expressed in the watercolor of our friend Marie Salce, representing an abstract landscape, revisited in a bandana.

Aquarelle bandana from our Edition 20

Marie Salce for De Bonne Facture

Our collaboration with a family-owned Italian weaver from Biella gives way to a soft tailoring in singular materials, like pure wool seersucker with a crisp and light hand, or cold wool that is supple and fresh. Our Belgian linens, washed, or embroidered with patterns from Gien porcelain, or cottons that are printed in traditional Indian handmade block printing, complete this summer wardrobe.


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