The Ten Year Edit


To celebrate our ten-year anniversary, we are glad to introduce an exclusive editorial presenting some of our handpicked pieces, seen under several lights - worn and about-to-be worn, made and about-to-be made. It is a visual illustration of our design philosophy, focused on fit, fabric, and fabrication. 

Meet our grandad coat, our traveler and casual jackets, our drawstring and balloon trousers, and our crewneck knit, like you've never seen them before. We chose these pieces because they stand the test of time, and have become well-loved essentials of our wardrobe, season after season. We assembled cut-out pieces of their patterns in their original fabric to make unique compositions. Much like a Rorschach test, dreams, animals and shapes will spark your imagination. 

The characters in the photographs are our friends David Kayitana, Neil Merkilad and Tibor Rosseti from Oslo. Their portraits are an incarnation of modern classic menswear, a reflection of the diverse cultural currents and fabric of histories we are all part of. 

Designing menswear as a feminist has been a one-of-a-kind experience these last ten years and an opening to a lot of reflection about masculinities. It felt natural to ask Anne Piqué to be the photographer of this special series and lend her eye to our creative direction. This editorial is accompanied by an exhibition entitled "Anatomy of a Garment" presented in our shop at 63 rue Sedaine in Paris 11th, showing the pieces hung alongside their cardboard patterns as a testimonial to craftsmanship. 

Déborah Sitbon Neuberg





Models | David Kayitana Lui, Neil Merkiled, Tibor Rosetti 
Graphic Design | Laïkah Issop 
Photographe | Anne Piqué 
Artistic Direction & Stylist | Déborah Sitbon Neuberg