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Alfargo's Market Place

Photographed by Zane Gan


So how did you guys meet ?

Stephon: Me and Elias met while I was entering the train station and he was on his way to his office. Nick was introduced to us via a mutual friend, we hit it off right away. The same thing happen when we met Zane as a shopper at Alfargo’s. When Zane came back again we all became quick friends.

Where did you all grow up ? 

Zane: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Stephon: Coral Springs, Florida 
Elias: Greenpoint, Brooklyn 
Nick: Redondo Beach, California

How did your collective form ? 

Zane: I truly believe we all came together through friendship and the love of beautifully made things. 
Nick: The formation was very natural. We recognised each others’ talents and determination and it was pretty easy going from there!

What is Al Fargo Market about ?

Stephon: Alfargo’s Marketplace is a men’s popup market that is based out of New York City. Our main goal is to provide a space for men to shop new, used and vintage clothing and accessories. We are about community, love of vintage clothes, and really good music!

What is the best thing about your collective ? the most challenging ? 

Stephon: The best thing about our collective is that our goals align with each other. The most challenging I would have to say is our communication and time management. At this point in time we are at the best and still growing. I appreciate the time and dedication we’ve put into this so far. 
Zane: The best thing about us is our energy and community we bring to the space. The most challenging is keeping up with our lives and making every Alfargo’s better than the last!

Who are the most inspiring people to you in NYC ?

: My friends and family. They keep me going in everything I do. 
Elias: My friends! They all are going after their dreams. Doing cool things. 
Nick: the small business owners and mom and pop shops are what make this city beautiful. Only in New York City can you have a Gregorian Monk themed bar you’re not allowed to talk in.

Any style references ? Artistic ? Musical ? you'd like to share ?

Zane: Movies & Jazz from are the main sides to Me, they both encompass style, inspiration and Life. 
Elias: My mom for the most. Music for sure plays a big part especially disco and salsa singers from the 70s and 80s. Street dudes from NYC getting money by any means they had great style. They had the money to buy anything they wanted. 
Nick: My personal style references come from musicians, authors, and artists, generally from the 60’s- Hunter S Thompson, Bob Dylan, and Andy Warhol are the first three that come to mind.

How do you see the menswear scene evolving in NYC ? 

Zane: I see it evolving as more spaces big and small continue to grow in its own ecosystem, everyone Is looking for community and inclusivity. We are all finding our own tribes!
Elias: Community will be a key factor for retaining customers interests. 
Nick: I see the menswear scene growing as the reaction against over casual clothing continues. Feels like people are wearing ties, sportcoats, and suits just to go out. Make your own occasions to dress up as they say!

What are your favorite neighborhoods to explore ?

Zane: FLUSHING because I am a foodie at heart, and then lower east side to end the day! 
Elias: I love Lower East side, West Village, Washington Heights, Inwood, Jackson Heights and Los Sures Williamsburg. 
Nick: My favorites to explore are The East Village, Lower East Side, and Williamsburg.

Where was this shoot taken ?

Zane: La Bonbonniere, an Iconic French diner & pockets around the West village!

What are the reactions you elicit when people see you together ?

Zane: Elias and Stephon are the tallest of the group and they usually get the nod first, then comes me and Nick with our shorter stature and louder outfits!
Elias: People love the vibes we have. We always making the place fun.
Nick: We certainly are a sight to behold in the city! We definitely receive a lot of positive comments and get our pictures taken pretty often while we’re out together individually or as a group.

How do you see De Bonne Facture from the other side of the Atlantic ?

Nick: To Americans De Bonne Facture is seen as the pinnacle of french sophistication combined with a dash of sprezzatura- the relaxed silhouettes mixed with sophisticated materials make a formidable combo. From the Grandad coat to the Balloon trousers, DBF is definitely on the grail list for menswear guys throughout this side of the Atlantic.
Zane: De Bonne Facture is fast growing to become that brand go to for coats and gorgeous ready to wear. The first thing friends say when I ask them about DBF is I need the grandad coat! or The Balloon trousers!



Nick Andry, Stephon Carson, Zane Gan, Elias Marte

The pieces used for this shoot are from our retailer Cueva