In the Streets of Paris


Bent Van Looy


Photographed by Charlie de Keersmaeker



If you were to ask me my favorite place on earth, I would quickly scribble down an address on Rue Oberkampf. Unassuming, near a crossing, opposite an old public bath house you can often find me, sipping a glass of wine, almost transparent, the colour of a brick, and nibbling a bite of mature Manchego and roasted almonds. Or indeed around lunchtime at the splendidly patinated bar, hunched over some cuckles of a nice piece of poulet fermier.

The food here is absolutely perfect in its simplicity. Fresh produce from the market comes in daily and defines what’s on the chalk board, or the tiny notebook on which the options are presented. At night, the place becomes a different beast all together when the yellow lights come on and the music kicks in.