Worn by

Franck Gauthé

Shop Owner of TCMYK

Photographed by Jim Browski in Paris, France

Could you introduce yourself, and your shop ?

I am Franck Gauthé, owner of the men's clothing and accessories boutique TCMYK, located in the heart of Paris, in the Sentier.

Like De Bonne Facture, everything here is about good quality products. We mainly propose pieces made in Italy, Japan or the USA. We are very attached to beautiful materials, to the history of the products and the ateliers that make them. We mainly present private label products, but they still represent the essence of our vision of quality, such as those of De Bonne Facture, Alden, Rocky Mountain or Paraboot. The place is quite atypical, at the back of a courtyard and offering a very relaxing and intimate vibe.

Why did you decide to stock De Bonne Facture in your shop ?

Distributing De Bonne Facture is an obvious choice, because of its history, its rigorous manufacturing and the quality of its pieces. The fact that it's a French brand certainly counts.

What are your stylistic inspirations in the men's wardrobe?

My father inspired me with his style, which was always precise. I remember his great charisma which gave him a natural elegance in suits, shirts and even traditional outfits tailored by small craftsmen. I grew up in Benin, West Africa, and this style is pretty much the norm even today. My father supported the short circuit and local craftsmanship by systematically favouring them. I would otherwise say Jean d'Ormesson. It is almost impossible to find a photo of the academician in which he is badly dressed. It is a simple source of inspiration but I can only admire his stylistic accuracy.

What are your references in design and architecture?

I love Charlotte Perriand's work and philosophy. As much fascinated by her person as by her work. Today, I really like the work of Pierre Yovanovitch or the Hauvette and Madani duo that I discovered recently.

What song or album is currently inspiring you?

I listen to Rakim a lot, and replay his entire discography. The Master album is one of my favourites and Rakim is a timeless artist.

What are your favourite addresses in the area around your boutique?

It is mainly about food places. I really like the Sarra restaurant on rue Mandar, in Paris. Otherwise I'm a regular of the small Indian and Pakistani restaurants on rue Saint-Denis.

How are you experiencing the series of openings and closings linked to COVID?

It is of course a rather difficult period for all businesses and especially for small independents like us. We are trying to be resilient and adapt as best we can. Offering online sales and not being a classic physical shop helps us a lot. The fact that we provide a barbershop service as part of our concept allows diversity, which many customers appreciate. Overall, we're just waiting for better days. Hope remains!

What are your future plans?

Today we are working on developing and improving the online customer experience. We are also launching a range of cosmetics for men which should be available at the end of the year. The project that is most important to us is probably our association THE COOLEST KID YOU KNOW, which we will launch very soon.