Edition 17

Directed by Joe Ridout for De Bonne Facture, «Branches» is a short film based on our fall-winter Edition 17 concept, inspired by "L'Homme Qui Plantait des Arbres" (The Man Who Planted Trees), a novel by Jean Giono.

"Branches" follows Arnaud Lin, a photographer and artist who modeled the Edition 17, in his grandparents' house a few hours away from Paris, while he recollects childhood memories, through a conversation with his sister Mathilde.

Born in a French-Chinese family, Arnaud Lin explores his mixed identity and personal story. A moving portrait of him, his sister and his family.

« In my mind, this goes with my feminist approach to menswear : exploring the model as a person, with his own creative world, identity, and depth. It aims to bring something more incarnated and soulful to menswear. »

Déborah Neuberg