Become A

De Bonne Facture shareholder!

After 10 years, we have decided to open our shares to our community.

De Bonne Facture is starting a community investment program, via the sustainable investment platform Lita. This will allow you to participate in our growth while remaining an independent business.

We are choosing to open our capital to our community of friends, customers and partners because we want to build our business with the people who care about what we do and support the positive, sustainable business model we have been building all those years.

The operation is open as of now! Our objective is to collect €500,000, of which €370,000 are reserved for investors, and €130,000 are already secured with business angels. You will be able to invest starting from €300.

See the full community investment program on and become a shareholder:

What will we use these funds for ?


Investing in creative artisanal capsules, a
new line of essentials for our eshop and
exciting upcoming collaborations with
brands and artists who share our vision

Sustainable textile innovation

Innovating on social and environmental
fabrics and craftsmanship

Marketing & Communication

Getting more people worldwide to get to
know our work


Hiring skilled new staff to sustain

Can anyone become an investor ?

Whether you are yourself a client or a seasoned investor seeing a potential in our business and values, you are very welcome to join this round.

All investments below €50.000 will be made through a holding company operated by Starting from this amount, you will be able to invest directly. You can email us at if you are interested.

Please be aware that tax residents from USA, Canada and Japan are not able to invest through But if you are an experienced investor in Europe with a tax residency in of one of these countries, you are very welcome to contact us as a direct investment is possible. Please email us at to find out more.

What does it mean to be an investor ?

You will have shares in return for your investment, so a part of the ownership of the company, including voting rights via To benefit from those rights, you can sign up on to have your profile approved. This will take a few steps.

Are there any extra perks to investing ?

Investing will allow you to join our investor club. You will receive a customized membership investor card and will be eligible to specific perks depending on your investment. To be notified early on about the perks, please register as an investor on

Are there fiscal benefits from investing ?*

French fiscal residents submitted to income tax can benefit from a fiscal reduction of their investment. To know more about this tax reduction and other fiscal issues : visit the guide on

How is this investment program going to happen?

There are two stages in this investment program:

•   A pre-collection phase when you will be able to reserve an investment intention.

•   A collection phase, which will begin in April, when you will be able to officially become a De Bonne Facture shareholder.

I am new to De Bonne Facture : what is special about it ?

De Bonne Facture was started by Deborah Neuberg with a philosophy of clothing inspired by design rather than fashion, working on fabric, finishes, and make. Just like the Slow Food movement was renovating the agricultural world, it was time to work with the same principles in the clothing industry.

De Bonne Facture was never about made in, but made by.

I am a customer or fan of De Bonne Facture and want to support you without investing: what can I do ?

You can support us by:

Getting dressed in our clothes and accessories

Following us on Instagram and subscribing to our newsletter.

Sharing our community investment program !

I have a question, how can I reach out to you?

If you have a question about our company, you can send a question directly on, in the Q&A category.

If you have a question about investing in general or how works, you can book an appointment with one of their advisors by clicking here.

If you are an experienced investor or a business angel, you can contact us by email at, we will be happy to answer you.

You will also find here the replay of the Live Meeting, organized by, during which Déborah Neuberg, our founder, answered all your questions regarding our community fundraising :

De Bonne Facture - Worn by - Franck Gauthé

*Investing in unlisted companies involves a significant risk of partial or total loss of the amount invested as well as a risk of illiquidity. In equities, the tax benefits are also offered in return of a blocking period of the assets which will generally be greater than the minimum tax holding. Tax treatment depends on the individual situation of each customer.