1970s vintage pilot jacket

Worn since 1996


Could you describe this jacket? where is it from ? when is it from?

This is an aviator jacket that belonged to my father. He flew small CESNA planes when he was young. It is khaki green, with a removable shearling collar. There is an "Aero Shopping France Paris" label inside, it is noted "size 2". There are a few technical details like inside drawstrings to fit the waist, shoulder tabs, or an outer pocket on the sleeve... I think he must have bought it in an aviation store when he was getting his license.

When did you see it for the first time?

I found it in my family's dressing room when I was a little girl.

Do you remember when you wore it for the first time?

I don't remember, I think I put it on and thought it was cool.

Do you have memories linked to the jacket?

I went to middle school with it when I was 13 or 14.

Does it have wear marks ? Have you ever repaired it ?

The cuffs are more than frayed, nearly destroyed, otherwise i find it in pretty good shape, but I like used things. I never repaired it, I like it as is.

Does it have a particular value to you ?

Yes, it's a symbol, I loved the idea that my father was a pilot.

Do you still wear it ? If you do, when ?

I almost never wear it anymore ! It was the inspiration for the De Bonne Facture pilot jacket, and I wore it for the last time at the showroom, I still love it a lot.