Austrian vintage loden coat

Worn since 1975


Could you introduce yourself ?

My name is Daphné Hézard, I'm a journalist & the Fashion Director of Monocle Magazine.

Could you introduce us to this coat? Where did it come from? How old is it?

It's an Austrian Loden Coat, it was sold at Façonnable at the time; it dates from 1975 approximately.

Did it belong to someone else before you? Did you buy it for yourself? Why did you buy it?

This loden belongs to my mother, but I nabbed it from her.

Do you remember when you first wore it?

I wore it every time I went to visit my parents in their home in the Alpes-Maritimes in France. It is a house in which I always felt cold, so I used to put on this loden which kept me warm and I did not remove it for the whole stay. I wore it both indoors and outdoors.

What are your memories of this piece ?

Memories of walks in the countryside. My parents always had lots of friends over on Sundays and the women always went for a walk after lunch. My mother wearing this loden coat with her friends made me think of Hannah and her sisters, the Woody Allen movie. And it's a piece that my mother wore when she went hunting with my father in Alsace. Everyone had a waterproof loden.

Are there any signs of wear and tear?

Yes, there are small holes, probably nibbled by moths.

Have you already repaired this Loden ?

No, never.

When do you usually wear it? Do you remember when you last wore it?

I've worn it a lot in Paris and now I only wear it in the countryside when I go shopping. With a pair of boots, and nobody realizes I'm going out in my pajamas.