Geoffrey Justeau's Levi's® jacket

Worn for 22 years


Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Geoffrey Justeau, I am a freelance editorial designer in Paris: I create communication concepts, product names and I help brands with their editorial issues.

Could you introduce us to this piece? Where does it come from? How old is it?
I bought this Levi's® denim jacket in 1999, when I was 16, with the money from my first odd jobs.

How did you find it?
I dreamt about it as a teenager. In the 90s, Levi's® was already a cult brand. It was the cool jacket to have.

Do you remember the first time you wore it?
Coming out of the shop, I was so happy to own it. It was brand new, a bit stiff, with a solid blue jean colour...and also a bit big for me at the time.

What are your memories of this piece?
In 22 years, I've had a lot: crazy evenings, chilly mornings, weekends... I feel like I've experienced everything with this jacket. There was a time when I wore it every day. Sometimes I forgot about it for a year or two in my wardrobe before taking it out again, always happy to put it back on.

Are there any signs of wear and tear? Have you already repaired this piece?
Obviously over the years the colour has taken on a patina. I love the way it washes out and the fact that I'm the one who made that naturally, year after year. However, I had to reinforce it recently because the shoulders were ready to rip. My mother, a seamstress, put sticky patches inside to solidify the fragile areas. It has gone on to follow me for years.

When do you usually wear it? Do you remember when you last wore it?
It's an all-purpose piece that goes with many styles. It's very easy to wear in any season, as a jacket over a t-shirt in spring, or under a nice long coat in winter. It is also easy to accessorize with a brooch or a scarf. I confess, I even wear it as a total look (Canadian suit) with Levi's® jeans in the same colour on the bottom.