Hunting derby chambord, Paraboot

Worn since 2013


Could you introduce us to those shoes? Where do they come from? How old are they?

They are Hunting Derby Chambord shoes of the Paraboot brand, in size 9.5 bought in from Paraboot St Honoré boutique in Paris in 2013.

Did they belong to someone else before you? Did you buy them for yourself?

I bought them new, after a trip to Japan where I was able to rediscover these timeless styles.

Do you remember when you first wore them?

As soon as I bought them, I wore different models when I was younger but not this Chambord model.

What are your memories about these shoes?

These shoes are indestructible, I travel by scooter in Paris and the rubber sole makes it possible not to slip by putting my foot on the ground. You can wear them for a walk in the forest or for dinner at friends' houses.

Are there any signs of wear ?

There's wear marks, scratches, creases. The leather has become softer and more patinated, I prefer them like this than when I bought them. They will be even nicer from year to year.

Have you already repaired these shoes?

Not yet! The sole is beginning to wear out and become asymmetrical, but never wearing them for two days in a row can extend their lifespan. Wooden arms every night and regular maintenance and the trick is done.

When do you usually wear it? Do you remember when you last wore it?

I wear them all the time, at my architecture's studio, on the construction sites... in the evening. I alternate with other pairs of different brands. Trickers, Weston, Heschung... I invest in shoes that last!