Oxford shirt from Gant Rugger

Worn since 2014


Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Keita Hiraoka, I work as a buyer at Trunk and I have been based in London since 2014.

Can you present us with this piece? Where did it come from? How old is it?
It's an oxford shirt from Gant Rugger. I bought it 8 years ago from Fennica, which is one of the big labels sold at Beams, for whom I worked in Japan. The garment has some intentional damages and mending, so it was in perfect wear and tear from the beginning. On the other hand, I don't remember which damage was original because I wore it too much and also repaired it myself.

Why did you buy it?
The light blue oxford shirt has been part of my basic wardrobe for a long time, with models from Brooks Brothers, Gitman, etc. So I already had several blue oxford shirts, but this fabric with large red stripes was quite unique. It was reprinted from the incredible 1973 Gant archives.

Do you remember the first time you wore it?
No, I don't... but I probably rolled up my sleeves and wore a wide beige chino and Alden's blucher shoes. Even though I still wear the same outfit.

What are your memories related to this piece?
I took this shirt on a trip just about everywhere. The weight of the fabric makes it pleasant all year round. I have worn and washed it for many years, the fabric has become softer and it ages well. Recently, I was looking at some old pictures and I saw that I had it on my honeymoon in Greece as well as during a crazy karaoke night in Tokyo. It's like an old buddy.

Does it show signs of wear and tear?
Yes, a lot. Frictions on the collar and wrists slightly faded the color. What a beauty!

Do you remember the last time you wore it?
Last week, in Japan. This shirt always has its place in my suitcase, with a pair of chino or jeans.