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Worn since 2020


Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Clément Breton, I'm 34 years old and I manage communications at BRUT (a vintage shop and clothing line). I am also the founder of Crafted Paris, a content creation studio.

Could you introduce us to this piece? Where does it come from? When was it made?
The base is a second hand Ralph Lauren cord (Polo line), it's rather a classic piece. It is difficult to give a date, but it is not very old. I bought it for a specific reason, I wanted to reproduce the American "senior cord" tradition by personalizing it with the rest of my family. I like the idea that everyone has put their stamp on it to make it unique and that it reflects my personality. You can find my heritage, things I like, memories...

How did you find it?
I found it on Vinted two years ago (nothing very sexy sorry!), precisely to make a senior cord...it had to be in my size and close to the original colour (between yellow and brown).

Do you remember the first time you wore it?
Yes of course, it was in May last year! Many people asked me where it came from, I even met a New Yorker on holiday who was desperate to buy it!

What are your memories of this piece?
All the time spent drawing with my family, it was during Christmas 2020...it was really cool to do it all together.

Are there any signs of wear? Have you ever repaired this piece?
There are not many signs of wear and tear, the bottom (that I cut off on purpose) tends to fray and the drawings are just a bit more faded than when I originally made it, which is quite normal...I don't wash it too often to avoid that!

When do you usually wear it? Do you remember the last time you wore it?
I like to wear it in mid-season when the weather is suitable. I see it everyday, as it hangs on a wall in my apartment. I like to have it in front of me...