Jade denim shirt of his father

Worn for years


Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Seumboy, and I am the founder of the Youtube channel Histoires Crépues, a media tackling French colonial history.

Could you introduce us to this piece? Where does it come from? How old is it?
This is a green denim shirt that belonged to my father, Dodji. He gave it to me when I started art school. At the time I wanted to change my style and stop wearing hoodies and sweatshirts. It was a shirt from his student years, from the time he was a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Rennes.

How did you find it?
I remember seeing this piece in my father's closet. I found it beautiful and he didn't wear it anymore. I asked him for it and he gave it to me along with a small collection of other clothes. Every time I wear it he discreetly checks that I haven't damaged it.

Do you remember the first time you wore it?
I remember being at home in front of the living room mirror and thinking to myself, "Stylish".

What are your memories of this piece?
It makes me think of my father's elegant and discreet style. I remember my first steps in student life, it was a moment when I was able to reinvent myself, as I left the Paris suburbs to move to the city center. This was a great breath of fresh air and I finally adopted my own style.

Are there any signs of wear and tear? Have you already repaired this piece?
Not really, they were making good quality back then. So I feel pressure when I wear it. I know that any damage will be my entire responsibility!

When do you usually wear it? Do you remember when you last wore it?
I often wear it to "apéritifs" (French drinks before dinner). And also sometimes when the sun comes back, in spring, and I need to wear long sleeves without getting too hot. It is one of the most beautiful clothes in my wardrobe!