Vintage Marcel Lassance knit

Worn since 2000


Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Philippe Voss. I live in Paris. I work in communications.

Could you introduce us to this piece? Where does it come from? How old is it?

I bought this jumper in 2000, at Marcel Lassance. Before I tell you more about it, I can’t do without mentioning this wonderful label, from this beautiful shop on rue du Vieux Colombier, in Paris. An inescapable place where you could spend some time, a pleasant moment, in a quiet and cosy atmosphere. You would meet young people and older people, actors, movie directors, politicians, and so many others. Marcel Lassance was my favorite shop for nearly thirty years, until its recent closure.

Did it belong to someone else before you? Did you buy it for yourself? Why did you buy it? How did you find it?

I bought it for myself. I immediately loved its minimalist style, its softness. I tried it on. It made me feel comfortable.

Do you remember the first time you wore it?

No, I’m quite unable to remember that.

What are your memories of this piece?

This question brings back several memories to me, good ones, and not-so-good ones. In 18 years’ time, it’s quite understandable. I prefer to keep these memories to myself, probably out of modesty. Ah yes, a recent memory: one month ago, I tidied up my things, as I do regularly. I remember putting this jumper on the pile of clothes I was planning to get rid of. A few seconds later, it was in my cupboard again.

Are there any signs of wear and tear?

Oh yes !

Have you already repaired this piece?

The elbow patches were not original. There have been several snags that have been put back into place. The sleeves were so worn out that they have been repaired numerous times at the wrists. I do the same thing with my cordovan Alden shoes : some are more than thirty years old, they have been repaired, mended - I’m quite unable to throw them away.

When do you usually wear it? Do you remember when you last wore it?

Last November, the weather report announced the first day of cold of autumn. I dislike cold weather. I wanted to feel good. I put on my jumper.